Thursday, November 28, 2013

Ramblin' thoughts of thanks

It's early Thanksgiving morn', 2013, and I'm sitting here running through the list of things I'm grateful for. Grateful for the fact that the chemo seems to be taking for my Dad. Thankful for my wonderful, beautiful, smart, awesomely great wife resting with the crazy mutt in the other room. Grateful for my brother who kicks ass on a second by second basis. Grateful for a supportive, and strength providing mom and stepdad, who step in at the most needed of times.

2013 has been a year of ups and downs, sideways face punches (on both a personal and professional front), kidney shots, blessings, curses, etc., etc. But in spite of all of that, I'm hella thankful.

2013 was the year that saw the publication of four books that I had a hand in writing/ creating (Route 3 #1 & #2, Radio Free Amerika #2, Terminus Team-Up #1). It was a year in which I had a chance to meet in person one of the dudes in this writing game that I look up to for advice, and getting his eyes on my work. This was a year that saw me head to some of the best comic conventions around, and spread the Terminus Media love to the masses. And don't get me started on the support/ love I've received on the Route 3 front.

It's so far been a year where as I writer I feel I've grown, but still realize I need to keep the growth going. It's been a year where as a person, on a variety of fronts, the growth is ever continuing. A year where the confidence has grown in spades, while at the same time the doubt has also kept pace (though it's somewhat slowing down). It's a constant thing, this whole having faith in myself on a variety of fronts.

But I'm headed in the right direction.

I'm thankful/ grateful for the ability to just do what I love. To simply love, live, write, be surrounded by folks who simply give a damn. For those who don't, fuck 'em. At a point where I'm thankful to even be at that spot, where the concerns/bad vibes of others are a very small point of my life.

Nerd thanks:

Thankful for finally watching Misfits.

Thankful for Sleepy Hollow/ Almost Human realizing that actors of color can kick major ass just as well as their Caucasian brethren in sci-fi/ fantasy/ horror shows. Heck, we can all kick creative sci-fi/ fantasy ass together with a great story, production team, and just an all round desire to entertain to best of our abilities.

Thankful for Terminus Media, and the talented editing and advice that my fellow soldiers in the trenches lob my way day in and day out.

Hella thankful for Sean Hill, BlkAnt, Omi, and Khari.

Thankful for a damn release date for the next Star Wars movie.

Thankful for the support of folks on the comic book buying front. Folks who just heard about the concept for these funny books and supported the books.

Thankful to Netflix and Marvel teaming up. Street level Marvel Comics. :-) Awesome.

Thankful for getting to play a little bit in the backyards of Marvel and DC, even it was only for a day or so. :-) Brother's dreams came true.

Thankful for seeing indy creators realizing that we don't necessarily need the big two to tell our stories. We can do it. We can do it. Dammit, we can do it.

To quote the great Mal Reynolds: "We have done the impossible, and that makes us mighty".

Done ramblin' for the day. :-)

Y'all have a great Thanksgiving, eat a lot of food, hug a loved one, volunteer, watch some football, them binge watch hell out of the below Netflix series:

1. 4400

2. Battlestar Galactica

3. The Office

4. Alphas