Monday, January 26, 2015

Convention Appearance!!!! Route 3!!! The Gilded Age!!! Exclamation marks!!

Wow. It's been a whiiiiiillllleeeeeee since I've been on here. :-)

I've got some awesome goodies ready to give.

Wow. That sounded weird.

Let's move on......

If you're in the Atlanta area I'll be at the Atlanta Sci-Fi & Fantasy Expo on Feb 21-22, along with the awesomely talented John Robert McGuire (The Gilded Age, The Dark That Follows).

We'll be nerding out amongst such great creators as David Walker (Dynamite Comic's Shaft), Afua Richardson (Top Cow's Genius), Bobby Nash (Ghost Gal: The Wild Hunt), Milton Davis (Meji, Griots: A Sword and Soul Anthology), attending fun/ informative panels, talking comics, and just having a great time.

Head here for more information, and stay posted for updates.