Saturday, July 4, 2009

Wii Fitness, Year One, & Independence Day (The real one, not that fake Will Smith stuff)

Saw Year One, and just glad to see Harold Ramis kicking butt with the Apatow generation of folks. Though Jack Black and Michael Cera pretty much played themselves it was a really good comedy. Platt, Azaria & Cross were kick ass.

Still haven't seen Robots Kicking Each Others Ass, or Transformers 2, but not really chomping at the bit to see that. Even as a kid the cartoon was always kind of so so, and from what I hear we just got another case of story being tossed to the wayside in the hopes of wowing audiences with great special effects. I kind of like it when story+special effects= $10 well spent (case in point, Iron Man, Hellboy 2, Serenity).

But I guess $200 million plus tells me that folks could give a flying frag about quality storytellin'.

Next on the list, The Hangover, The Hurt Locker, and Public Enemies.

Still trying to get the time off for the Stephenson fam' reunion in August, so keeping my fingers crossed I can get that, and the mulla needed to make the trip.

Job's cutting hours, but I'm not stressed. Just gotta find something else.

Had an article run in ole Ja'Dore . Good stuff.

Just planning for the Ja Dore Comics column idea; it'll help with getting the word out there about creators who folks should be aware of. Also need to find some more paying opps. VOICE is treating me like a stepchild. :-) What would Charlie Brown do?

Scream AAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!, but still continue to try to keep kicking that damn football.

Terminus, Terminus, Terminus. What can I say? I'm always greatful that I got this opportunity, I am. but damn, damn, damn, damn James. Sorry I lapsed into my Good Times rant. THIS BOOK HAS TO BE OUT BY THE END OF THE SUMMER. It's getting friggin ridunculous. Seriously. It'll be two years in September, if my memory serves me right.

But as they say, good things come to those who wait, and who just strive for the best. And as I look at my lovely lady kicking butt on Mario Kart, I got's to say it's the truth.

Route 3 & DLG Chronicles (still working on the title) are next.

Happy 4th to anyone who reads this. Think 'bout those folks who crossed the bridge in Selam and marched in Tehran before sinking your teeth into some barbeque drenched burgers. That's what freedom is. Peace.

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