Sunday, May 22, 2011

New Article/ D&D/ Awesome Creators

An update on some fronts:

-New article, check it out. Had fun with this one. Here's another one. Maurice is awesome.

-Still waiting on pages on a variety of fronts for some projects. Patience young padwan, patience.

-Site goes live soon for Project Impact.

-Got a couple of opps on the burner which I pray will come to fruition.

-Macho Man Died,which sucks. In addition to the Hulk-ster, Macho Man was a staple of my Saturday morning wrestling.

-Here & here are projects coming up which I'm really looking foward to. With seeing these creators doing their thing, I stay pumped and driven. Thanks.

-Still learning the ropes at the new job, but I'm not stressing as much as I was. I've gotten good marks so far, had some mistakes, but overall, doing better.

-Set up a D&D character for the first time. Pretty fun experience. Will try to get some actually gaming in soon, as schedule allows.

-Breakout Kings is awesome. I'm loving the cast, and cool stories. Looks like the cons are going to get found out by other cons, which is something I've been wondering when would happen.

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