Sunday, February 14, 2010

Stuff & such

Just finished up a set of questions for a Ja Dore Magazine article. If this pops off, look forward to seeing a bit more of me on that website. :-)

Enjoying V-Day so far. Happy V-Day to one and all, and enjoy that special someone, or just use the day to chill. Love ya-self (not literally, lol) people.

Movement going on in the "Route 3" realm of things. Meeting with Corey on Wednesday and we'll have a pow-wow on that front. Gonna see if I cobble together some character descriptions for Brian, and see if he can push out some character designs for "The Unit".

Also, had to include this: is Rockstar growing out of it's adolescent stage? I saw first mention of this in Game Informer; definately has a LA Condidential, Chinatown vibe to it. Looking forward to it. Peace.

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