Saturday, March 6, 2010

Milestone Forever !!!!!! **Writing Updates**

Great Dwayne McDuffie interview, and a look back at classic moments Milestone Comics . My personal favorite was Rocket's pregnancy announcement. That issue still stands out for me today.

All in all Milestone gave me what I'd been wanting ever since I'd started reading comics: books that featured well written/ relatable characters of color, great stories, kick ass artwork. I can only hope that Route 3 can come close to the quality work those guys and gals put out on a regular basis.

General updates:

-Route 3: Website is being built, sections updated, artwork inked, script is coming along nicely. Shooting for a June launch for the comic.

-Amber Fox story: Jon's still doing edit's, most recent artist dropped off, but we're still chugging ahead

-Prodigal Q & A: Article will be finished by 3/6/10; hopefully it'll run soon after.

-The Unit: Brian's starting character drawings; adapting book to script.

Stay tuned everyone.

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